2018 is here! That means resolutions.

While we are all making resolutions for our careers, personal life, and physical health, we can’t forget the importance of a great skincare regimen. Reflecting on our overall health includes taking the right steps to make sure our skincare regimen is designed for our own particular biology.

This is important to consider in many aspects. Professionally, we all know that the more attractive we show ourselves to be, the more receptive people are to us. As our face is the most forward part of our presentation, ensuring a healthy and robust skincare regimen is an important component of how we interact with people.

I’ve compiled a list of three skincare resolutions we should all take for the new year. This could mean wonders for your professional life, your relationships, and—perhaps most importantly—for your confidence. That, my friends, can impact everything else.

Let’s make 2018 our year of great skincare!


We all have our own particular body chemistry that makes fitness, internal health, and beauty standards particularly our own. That also means how we show ourselves to the world—and building the confidence to show ourselves proudly—can make all the difference.

As with any important factor in our lives, whether professional or personal, that means trying new things and discovering more about ourselves.

There are so many products out there that determining our own particular skincare regimen can be a daunting task. First and foremost, you must take a breath. Second, do your research.

There are tons of natural products you can use, as well as more intensive procedures to explore. Being open-minded to different treatments, such as facials and spa treatments, will not only bring out your best face—you could be surprised at the results!

Professional Consultation

We all want to accomplish everything we do on our own, but it might be high-time to bring in the professionals. You may not know this, but having a certified plastic surgeon consult you on your skincare regimen might be the best possible measure to determining the routine that fits particularly to you.


As a doctor, plastic surgeons have a keen understanding of not only what’s happening at the pore level—we understand the inner workings of facial biology and muscular anatomy, which gives us (and you) an advantage when determining the best skincare routine for you.

2018 could be the year you step up on your skincare regimen—schedule a consultation today to find out more about how you could be living the best version of yourself!

Look to the Future

As skincare techniques become more sophisticated, the results are changing people’s lives. As a multi-billion dollar industry, skincare has become more of a science than a mundane auxiliary health consideration.

This is why consulting professionals when determining your particular skincare regimen is crucial. As all our bodies are different, factors such as lifestyle, biology, and so much more are involved in developing the skincare techniques which fit us like a glove.

Take advantage of new techniques that are quickly becoming popular among people wanting to develop an intensive, inclusive skincare regimen. For instance, our Medi-Spa treatment takes a holistic look at your overall skin health, which includes information about your lifestyle, your medical and skin history, and an analysis of your skin under magnification. From here, we develop a customized plan catered specifically to you that, in the end, will bring out your best face forward.

Looking Ahead

Developing a comprehensive skincare routine is essential to knowing how to bring your best face forward. As you look ahead to 2018, considering facial health and how our skincare routines fit our own particular biology is important not only professionally, but can have a major impact on our own self-confidence.

As we all know, confidence is one of the key factors in determining how you interact with the world. Above all, you should make a resolution to do whatever you can to become more confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Contact my office today at (203) 754-4125 so we can get to work making 2018 your year of confidence!